Wix | New Comers Go-To eCommerce Platform

Wix is an online company circa 2006. It provides web hosting and website design services to small and start-up businesses. Wix users can design and build sites using HTML 5 and also a mobile-friendly service with the aid of drag-and-drop navigations.

Basically, Wix is a DIY website creator that helps web designers and developers enhance their skills in coding and other basic skills in the digital platform. It is a great tool in learning prospective tools and other digital skills in the digital marketing industry.

Wix is famed for its customisation tools and applications which makes it an advantage for small and start-up businesses to create their own voguish brand image. Also, it is very friendly to web developers who are just starting to earn experience and skills. It is very little to no coding knowledge required in using Wix.



Wix is as convenient as dragging and dropping tool that made portfolio publishing, small businesses branding strategy, blogs, and other digital services and websites build and design a website efficiently, quickly, and easily.

Many website builders are banking into this platform, it has been coined as DIYer’s digital dream. It is also an advantage for a start-up business with very little budget but looking into banking online or putting up an online store. There is no need for them to hire a developer which is a great cause for saving money.


Wix Pricing and Premium Offers


Wix is 100% free for everyone. The free offer of Wix is already a great deal for small and start-up businesses. Free website hosting comes with certain services but only with limited templates just enough to create a website. Wix offers a premium plan which is a bit costly but has more functionalities and other services relayed such as marketing plugins and other technical eCommerce functions. Wix pricing for premium plans isn’t as competitive in contrast to other website hosts and builders. For the most basic plan Wix offers, it will cost a few dollars, but it is worth it since you can design your website for free. Wix is already on top of the chain when it comes to web hosting and web design. This tool is at par or a little bit advance in comparison to Weebly, Squarespace and WordPress.com.


Wix Design and Customisation Application


The best thing about Wix is its quick-to-launch ability. It is as easy as signing up with your Facebook or Gmail account first, then the next thing you know you are already browsing through its free themes in a matter of minutes.


Wix themes range diversely and it is organised in a way for users convenience. They have industry-specific templates categorised for easy location. It varies from a realtor’s portfolio, musicians, Airbnb hosts, and among others. They have themes that complement each of the categories available.


Wix Versus Other eCommerce Platforms

Wix has templates that cover certain business niches in details. Their eCommerce functionalities and applications are basic as such: shopping carts, payment gateways, and other tools that manage shipping, inventories, taxes and order placement. Thus, Wix is a very good option for businesses who are looking into expanding their business online and wants organic traffic visiting their sites. It is a win selection for revenue-generating businesses and services. Even to realtors, designers, and musicians who want to showcase their talents, craft, and skills online. It is one way to penetrate the global market.


As for Wix interface, it is pretty much easy to learn and maneuver. It is typically highly intuitive and guarantees a result that you modified, preferred, and loved. It is too technical and very helpful to many who does not any web design experience or know-how. On the other hand, if you are only availing free hosting, technical support and other customer services on Wix are not very responsive or prompt in their support team. You get what you don’t pay for, but if you are willing to throw in a few bucks to avail premium service from Wix, there are a lot of plans to choose from ideal for your budget and what you are willing to pay for.


If you are a paying customer, you will get to enjoy the perks and VIP treatments such as support line, live chat, and ticketing services. It will also give you better template choices, site-building functions and other marketing features with better customer service experience.