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With the NBN moving forward it might be the right time to consider to setup an online presence for your business. We offer affordable website templates and most of them can be edited easily … [Read More…]

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You do not have any Internet or HTML experience and you are completely lost on how to get started with your own website. Stop worrying as we got some easy-to-edit website templates, that do not … [Read More…]

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Looking for a standard HTML website template that can be edited in any HTML editor such as Frontpage or Dreamweaver. Then you will find here exactly what you are looking for,  create your own … [Read More…]

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Are you in need of a full online shop. A online shop that takes care of your payment processing, let you easily add products, add categories, set prices, send news letters, and much more … [Read More…]

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In today's digital landscape, Google Ads has become an essential tool for businesses to drive traffic to their websites and generate leads. However, getting clicks on your ads is just the first step; the real challenge lies in converting those clicks into valuable...

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Wix | New Comers Go-To eCommerce Platform Wix is an online company circa 2006. It provides web hosting and website design services to small and start-up businesses. Wix users can design and build sites using HTML 5 and also a mobile-friendly service with the aid of...

Weebly – Web Builder & Hosting

Weebly | An Accidental Cause That Became One of the Most Sought-After Web Host in the Digital World Weebly is a platform for free web hosting and web design services. It is a freemium website creation co-founded by David Rusenko, Chris Fanini and Dan Veltri in 2006....

How Is Application Security Defined?

Digital trends are ever-changing. Every day, there is always something new in the market. The same thing happens in the implementation of application security. The constant demand for improvement from users and the critical need for security when using a certain...

Photo and Video Gallery Templates

Photo and Video Gallery Templates The Photo and Video Gallery Templates are easy-to-edit templates that do not require any HTML or Flash knowledge. All textual content, photo’s, videos and background music can be changed easily in a normal text editor such as Notepad...